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Age takes its toll on us all, but its effects don’t have to define who we are or how others see us. The right treatment can counteract many of the cosmetic effects of ageing, revealing a younger-looking, more confident you.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Advancing years and environmental damage, including the ageing effects of sunlight, cause a variety of changes that contribute to the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The repetitive movement of facial muscles can also cause lines to appear. Although these are natural processes, they can impact on how you feel and how others see you. With the help of our antiwrinkle treatments, however, you can discover a younger-looking, rejuvenated you.

Perfect For...
Upper Face

The upper face reveals a number of signs of ageing and stress, including lines across the forehead and crows’ feet round the eyes. We address all these areas to lift the brow, beautify the eyes and remove signs of stress and worry.


The masseter is one of the muscles that controls the movement of the jaw, and by addressing this area, we’re able to create a slimmer, more beautiful heart-shaped face.

Skincare Model_edited.jpg

By treating the nasalis muscle within the nose, we improve the face’s golden triangle, making it look less angry and reducing the ‘snarl’ that can develop over time.

Chin & Chawline

Injecting the muscles around the chin and jawline enables us to relieve tension within the chin, lift the corner of the mouth, improve the appearance of the jowls and create a sharper jawline.

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