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  • What is facial aesthetics?
    Facial aesthetic medicine can largely be categorised as surgical or non-surgical treatment of the face. At Skin Techniques Aesthetics we offer non-surgical treatments to help improve the appearance of your skin, reduce and soften expression lines and enhance facial features by gently volumising with fillers. These treatments are designed to target specific areas and problems such as angry eyebrows and crow’s feet, or to plump out areas that are starting to lack definition making us look more tired.
  • Who is suitable for facial aesthetic treatment?
    UK law dictates you must be over the age of 18 before any treatment is considered. If you are allergic to lidocaine or suffer from any neuromuscular disorders, you are not suitable for many of the injectable treatments. If you are unsure, please mention this at your pre-consultation appointment. We ask that you do not attend for any injectable filler treatments within 4 weeks of having a CV19 injection in case of an unfavourable immune reaction. Treatment is not available if you are pregnant or breast feeding as there are no studies to indicate if it would be safe or not.
  • How discreet are facial aesthetic treatments?
    Many of the treatments we perform are discreet and require minimal downtime. Shelly will tailor treatment to achieve your desired result. Our preference is to work with you, making subtle and conservative changes that refresh your look discreetly. Your friends, colleagues and family will comment on how great you look but will not be able to pinpoint what has changed. Filler treatments are best built up over time and a slightly reduced volume that can then be gradually tweaked at subsequent appointments to achieve your desired look. Our approach helps to avoid the ‘over filled’ look that can appear unnatural and obvious. Lips in particular are best started very conservatively and then developed with each treatment to build up to a level that is comfortable and looks natural.
  • How long can I expect my treatment to last?
    Anti-wrinkle injections last an average of 3-4 months and are dependent on factors such as how physically active you are, and how strong and developed your existing frown muscles are. Dermal filler treatments last longer – usually around 6 months and in some cased up until 12-18 months. If we are re-volumising areas gradually, then a treatment every 4-6 months would be ideal to build on past treatments rather than waiting for it to completely fade and having to start again. The aim is to maintain your desired look.
  • Will it be obvious I have had treatment?
    On the day of treatment you might expect a little redness or swelling around the treated sites and occasionally some light bruising may develop. We do everything possible to minimise the chances but as we are all different, there is no guarantee. For this reason we recommend you schedule treatments at least 2 weeks before an important event or going on holiday so any inconvenience from these potential side effects is minimised.
  • What do I need to do to get started?
    We offer a pre-consultation appointment to discuss what you’d like to achieve and check your suitability for treatment. The pre-consultation is complimentary and helps both you and us to understand your goals. If you have had any treatment before it would be helpful to know which products were used and when you last had treatment.
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